SF Aerialist in San Francisco circus entertainment

Cassandra is an unusually tall aerialist specializing in expressive, dynamic dance on straps and corde lisse. Her style is informed by especially long limbs, strength, and use of momentum. In her circus acts, she emphasizes expressive choreography, alongside a dancer’s sense of fluidity and grace. She also is an instructor of aerial fabric, rope, and hammock.

Cassandra first appeared on stage in the womb. As a young child in a dancing family, she started learning dance technique at a very early age, and developed a life-long love for creativity and performance. She pursued dance at Bard College's dance program, and studied expressive choreography under the legendary Aileen Passloff. After a four year intensive program of acrobatic study under coach Dominik Wyss, and working other renowned coaches including Elena Panova (the famed Russian trapeze artist) she began performing on rope with the Vau de Vire Society as a company member. She has since transitioned to aerial straps, which she began under the tutelage of straps innovator Juan Luis Gonzales and now trains under Victor Fomine at his school in Montreal.



Aerial Rope · Aerial Straps · Aerial Tissue · Dance


Performances Include:

Corporate and Private clients include:

  • CANVAS (Concierge Alliance Napa Valley and Sonoma)
  • Cognizant
  • Beta Brand
  • Private Weddings


Teaches at:

Kinetic Arts Center · Zaccho Dance Theatre · Private Lessons available


Email cassandra.performs@gmail.com

Send an email to cassandra.performs@gmail.com for booking or info.