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Expression. Collaboration. Strength.

I first went on stage in the womb. I was the unspoken cast member in a dance called "Square Head, Round Belly." At age five I performed a comic duo with my dad in our local theatre. A child in a family of dancers, I grew up fixated on the black marley and the hot incandescent lights of the stage, and I looked forward to mysterious audiences with their eyes shrouded by darkness. 

On aerial straps, I present an unusual combination of extraordinarily long limbs and momentum based acrobatics. My love for collaboration has resulted in a handful of duo acts on straps, and my work as a soloist spans a stylistic range from elegant to provocative.

I had a long and independently organized circus education, and the bulk of my training was in Montreal with Chloe Farah, notable contemporary artistic coach and choreographer for Cirque du Soleil, and Victor Fomine, whose coaching legacy has been celebrated for decades.

Beginning in San Francisco and ranging from Las Vegas to Macau, I have performed in shows around the world in styles varying from circus tent to cabaret to 20-meter-high arena. I also have done work on aerial rope, fabric, and as an ensemble dancer.


Solo Straps · Duo Straps

With experience on:

Aerial Rope · Aerial Fabric · Loop Straps · Dance

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